It is a university just an institution at the highest level of education? Can it be of any help to a city? Yes, it can. A university can help a city develop in many ways.

A city with a university is a place where different cultures come together. Students from different backgrounds and cultures meet at university. As a result, there occurs a variety of cultures, which is an advantage for a city.

The most important factor in a city’s development is economy. A lot of students mean a lot of needs. To meet their needs, the students do shopping. Thus, a lot of money is received by the people living in the city. Therefore, a university brings money to a city. This may also cause more shopping places to be opened.

Some parents, especially in Turkey, are unwilling to send their children to a city other than theirs. However, if there is a university in a city, most of the students there go to university in that city. For this reason, in a city with university, the number of  high educated people increases.

Think that most of the people living in a city are young, which can be an advantage for a city. In such a city, there is always something to do and somewhere to go for young people or people wishing to enjoy themselves.

Having a university in a city has some bad sides as well as good ones. As a great number of  young people come to city at one time, there may arise problems of accomodation, pollution, traffic and expensiveness. Moreover, most of the people in a city with university complain about disrespect and immorality of the young.

In conclusion, with its both good and bad sides, a university has a great impact on a city; it can effect a city in many ways such as culturally, economicall, morally, etc. It is worth having a university in your city after all.

A City in a City: Universe City

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